Mt.Olypus CYA optional trip
14 Oct 2016

On top of the World

By Alyssa Tayrien

Thoughts on Mount Olympus

Change your perspective. Climb a mountain.

Last weekend, a group of CYA students embarked on a guided tour towards the gods and up the face of Mount Olympus. Following a lengthy bus ride, we arrived at a small shack, near a natural spring to begin our 15km journey taking place over the next 48 hours. The hike on the way up could be described an intense leg workout #dontSkipLegDay, and as a joint-testing path back down. The views demanded absolute admiration on all sides: look to the sky to for colored clouds and endless views, look left or right for scenes with hues of blues and greens. Over this long weekend with absence of cell service, I had plenty of time to think. It was both a physical and mental journey. Here’s some reflection from the side of a mountain:

  1. The world is beautiful. A phrase easy to say, but one that carries a more significant meaning when the sights before my eyes took my breath away.
  2. Getaways are necessary. Turning off my phone and peacing out from the city life was a welcome retreat!
  3. Hikes that include both sunsets and sunrises are my favorite.
  4. Nature is the most humbling element in all of existence.
  5. Other people’s life perspectives are integral to my own. It was a long hike, which took lots of time – time can be filled with silences or awesome conversations. Topics included: the most challenging thing you’ve done in the past year, how each of us is most similar to our mothers and about dealing with people who disappoint us (S/O to Justin for the many hot-seat questions).
  6. The world does have awesome people left in it. I am blessed enough to be surrounded by some of them.
  7. As humans, we are so small. While I do believe everyone has the ability to impact the world, most of our decisions are not the end of the world. The world is a much bigger place than we realize sometimes. I choose to take comfort in this humility.
  8. The human body is designed in an incredibly able way. It’s so fun to push ourselves just as far as we think we can go, then a little farther. That summit looked really far away, but we all did it with heavy packs on our backs. Change your mind to match your ability.
  9. Goal: live a life such that I don’t want to be anybody but me. So far, I think I’m doing a pretty good job.
  10. God is amazing, and he blesses us insurmountably.

Alyssa Tayrien is pursuing a degree in Communications and Ancient Mediterranean Studies from Trinity University and is an official Fall 2016 CYA blogger!