CYA is a fine institution and, for 60 years, has become a beacon for study abroad in Europe. The New CYA Study Center / Library will be a tremendous asset to CYA’s future as it commences its 7th decade. 

The new CYA Study Center / Library will provide a space where CYA can offer services that encourage creativity, lifelong learning, and community. It will be open to the broader Athens community, attracting students and scholars from Greek Universities and residents from the neighboring areas, thus enhancing the integration of CYA students into the Athens community as residents and scholars.   

The new CYA Study Center / Library, organized and managed for the user, will serve as a learning resource center and, as such, offer the resources and services necessary to support the objectives of College Year in Athens. It will provide facilities, equipment, and resources that support the courses of study and enables students to develop academic discipline and professionalism.

It will also be responsible for organizing, preserving, and digitizing the historical archive of College Year in Athens.