Crisis & Recovery in Greece and Europe mondy lincoln 17
26 Nov 2017

Crisis & Recovery in Greece and Europe

Crisis and Recovery in Greece and Europe (SEc 326), with Professor Panagiotou, is a class that looks into the complex interplay between politics, interests, institutions, ideas, and policies both at the European and at the national level.

“This class gives good insight into the causes and consequences of the crisis in Greece and Europe and therefore helps us to understand how current Greek attitudes/social climate came to be, giving our study abroad experience another layer. Professor Panagiotou is a great professor who is candid with her thoughts and promotes discussion within the classroom.” – Arianna Chen CYA Fall ’17

The class visited the Bank of Greece Museum, where students were shown around by a knowledgeable guide who has been taking CYA students under her wing for more than 10 years!

Photos by CYAer Arianna Chen

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