30 Dec 2017

Delving into Digital Archaeology and Virtual Reality

Methods of documentation and analysis in archaeology have changed drastically in the last decade. Prof. Hüseyin Ozturk’s fascinating class A310 Introduction to Digital Archaeology and Virtual Reality prepares students for the challenges of a rapidly changing field.

This course attracts students from a variety of academic backgrounds and the skills acquired in this course can be applied to a number of fields, including cultural heritage management, anthropology, museum studies, and fine arts.Delving into Digital Archaeology and Virtual Reality A310 Digital Archaeology students working 9

Throughout the semester students gain theoretical knowledge on state of the art digital archaeology technology, including GIS, remote-sensing technologies, tablet-based field recording, data management, and, last but not least, take part in theoretical debates on the usefulness of digital methods.

Delving into Digital Archaeology and Virtual Reality DSC01639Delving into Digital Archaeology and Virtual Reality DSC01641

The hands-on part of the course has seen students out and about acquiring real-world skills: creating 3D models of artifacts and trenches; creating aerial maps using drone photos; learning how to set-up and use a Total Station on the field, and digitally illustrating 2D architectural features using geo-rectified photos.

Take a look at photos and videos of the class flying a drone on Karathonas beach during the fall ’17 Peloponnese field trip

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