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20 Jun 2017

Experience Archaeology & Ancient History at CYA

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What better place to study archaeology and ancient history than the birthplace of Western civilization? Trace the footsteps of young Alexander the Great in Pella, the ancient Macedonian capital, meet the Minoans, the Mycenaeans, and the Athenians and understand their tremendous contributions to today’s society, and touch the very same walls that the ancient Greeks built thousands of years ago. There are countless archaeological sites in Greece where you can get up close to artifacts and acquire the skills needed to work on excavations – how cool is that! How could archaeology not be one of the best subjects to study in Greece for international students?


Α310      Introduction to Digital Archaeology and Virtual Reality
A331      Aegean & Ancient Greek Art & Archaeology
A361      The Topography and Monuments of Athens
A367      Aegean Prehistory: The Rise & Fall of the Bronze Age Cultures
A372      Ancient Materials and Technologies in the Greek World
A416      Archaeological Drawing

H/S311  The Development of Athenian Democracy (Coming Soon!)
H355      Sports, Games and Spectacles in the Graeco-Roman World
H356      Ancient Macedon to the Death of Alexander the Great
H359      Biography of an Empire: the Surprising Life of ‘Byzantium’ (324-1453)
H368      To the Strongest: The Ancient Near East from the Death of
Alexander to the Coming of Rome

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