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20 Jun 2017

Experience Art History & Architecture at CYA

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You will be awed in Greece when you witness countless structures and pieces that have influenced art and architecture through the ages – and continue to this day. Whether you’re strolling to the Acropolis Museum, where your professor conducts class for the day, attending a lecture inside the Parthenon and marveling at an important symbol of Greek heritage, or visiting the medieval ruins of Mistras to explore the distinct architecture of a past center of Byzantine power, you’ll never be at a loss for famous monuments. Greece isn’t just for ancient art, though – explore the urban art scene of Athens with festivals and expos like Documenta, and you will feel the pulse of contemporary Greek society beating strong. Greece is where art history jumps off the page of your textbook!


A361      The Topography and Monuments of Athens
A362      Ancient Greek Sculpture
A364      Byzantine Art and Architecture
A366      Ancient Greek Architecture from the Archaic to the Roman Times as Reflected in the Monuments of Athens

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U371      Contemporary Urbanism: 10 Narratives of Design and Change in Athens
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