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19 Jan 2017

New Courses bounce into CYA Spring 2017

New History & Political Science courses at CYA

We’re pleased to include the following new courses in our curriculum this semester:

The new History course aims to explore the historical trajectory of the question “Who is a Greek?” Illustrating how political and social priorities shaped diverse responses over time. The main goal is to understand that being a Greek, and the criteria that confirmed this over time, is not a strict legal category, but rather a flexible ideological concept. Therefore it aims to discuss Greece as a thought-provoking paradigm where national identity is conflated with perceptions of the ancient past, novel challenges and shifting geopolitical and social realities.  The full syllabus can be found here.

The new Political Science course aims to provide students with an overview of the ‘global’ governance of irregular migration, looking at the theoretical framework and the policies currently implemented in the EU. The course will explore the emerging responses to irregular migration and particularly maritime irregular migration to the EU from a critical and comparative perspective. Throughout the course the students will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of NGOs and understand the reality on the ground as well as visit one refugee reception site to comprehend the challenges in place for both host and guest. The full syllabus can be found here.