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20 Mar 2019

Exploring the Peloponnese

Last week, CYAers set off on an academic field trip to the Peloponnese, the peninsula on the southernmost part of mainland Greece.

Students visited important archaeological and historical sites from every period of the eventful Peloponnesian history, enjoyed spectacular natural landscapes, and got a taste of many aspects of modern Greek culture.

CYA student groups explored the Peninsula guided by CYA professors Steve Diamant, Athena Hadji, John Karavas, Demetris Kritsotakis, Hüseyin Öztürk, and Angelos Papadopoulos.  Students also participated in additional educational tours discussing socio-political context, as well as environmental issues (groups were led by professors  Romolo Gandolfo, Ioli ChristopoulouPanagiota Maragou and Costas Papacostantinou).

Here are some of the highlights of the Peloponnese Spring 2019 Academic Field Trip:

Exploring the Peloponnese Epidaurus edited

At the Ancient Epidaurus Theatre

Exploring the Peloponnese Frachthi edited

Prof. Ozturk and students inside the Franchthi Cave

Exploring the Peloponnese Isthmos edited

Prof. Gandolfo and students at the Corinth Canal

Exploring the Peloponnese Mistras edited

At the fortified town of Mystras

Exploring the Peloponnese Mystras Sister Agnes edited

Conversation with Sister-Agnes at the Pantanassa Monastery in Mystras

Exploring the Peloponnese Olympia 7 edited

At the starting line of the Ancient Stadium of Olympia

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