Wonderful exhibits on campus Marble Carving edited
21 Dec 2018

Wonderful exhibits on campus

Ιnteresting works of art, posters, and other creative projects are popping up all around the Academic Center, during this last week of Fall ’18 semester.

Contemporary Urbanism Sketchbooks

A wonderful exhibition by Professor Maria Vidali’s Contemporary Urban Spaces class. CYAers present the contemporary face of Athens they experienced and studied in this class. Sketches, thoughts, observations, speculations and maps become a daily record of their experience in Athens, regarding architecture and urbanism in the Greek city.

Wonderful exhibits on campus Environment one

Natural Environment Special Project

The CYA Auditorium, where you will find an interesting exhibition by the students of the Natural Environment of Greece: From Landscape Ecology to Conservation class, taught by Professors Panagiota Maragou, Costas Papaconstantinos, and Ioli Christopoulou. Each exhibit tells a story about the student’s relationship with the nature of the Mediterranean. As students present the environmental issues they feel are important today, they also demonstrate that nature is (or can be) something more than a background of our daily lives.

Wonderful exhibits on campus Environmental


Walking up and down the beautiful CYA nautilus staircase, one can appreciate some great posters done by students of various courses, who were given this as an assignment.

Wonderful exhibits on campus Poster 3

Marble Sculptures

At Ismene Hall, there is an exhibition of handmade marble sculptures, painstakingly chiseled and shaped by participants in the Marble Carving workshop!

Wonderful exhibits on campus Marble Carving 1 Wonderful exhibits on campus Marble Carving 2 Wonderful exhibits on campus Marble Carving

Digital Archaeology 3D Video

Last but most certainly not least, an amazing video of 3D models from Huseyin Ozturk‘s Introduction to Digital Archaeology and Virtual Reality class.

Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make and coordinate these exhibits!