Fall 2018 Student Ambassador Award SHAI
14 Jan 2019

Fall 2018 Student Ambassador Award

We are excited to announce the winner of the Fall 2018 Flight Voucher: Shaianne Nickerson from UNC Chapel Hill!

Each semester CYA partners with STA Travel to award a $500 flight voucher to the ambassador who has been the most effective in sharing his/her CYA story. Throughout the Fall ’18 semester, Shai went above and beyond her volunteer role, putting a huge amount of work into promoting the CYA program.

She represented CYA at study abroad fairs, wrote about the program in various publications, met with UNC professors and study abroad officers, and participated in webinars, focus groups, and other study abroad information sessions. Shai also created various media projects detailing all aspects of her study abroad experience – watch this touching video with Shai’s beautiful photos and reflections on her time in Greece.

Fall 2018 Student Ambassador Award Shai Gilman photo edited

Shai Nickerson speaks about the Gilman Scholarship and her CYA experience at a UNC event.

We would also like to congratulate our two runners-up, Peyton Anderson and Angelica Karafas. They are very active ambassadors who proudly represent our program and successfully share their personal experiences of Greece.

Of course, a big thank you goes out to all our ambassadors for putting in such a lot of time and effort to help promote CYA on their campuses. Their contribution is invaluable to us! CYA ambassadors are rewarded with a CYA apartment when they decide to revisit Greece, and we always look forward to welcoming them in Athens!

Kudos to our North American Office team for their outstanding work and invaluable support for our student ambassadors! We can’t wait to see what the program will achieve in the future.

Fall 2018 Student Ambassador Award NAO Team edited

The CYA NAO Team: Alexia Lingaas, Grace Twardy, Hailey Lovett & Isabelle Bitman (left to right)

CYA alumni who are eager to share their study abroad experience and proudly represent CYA can find out how to be part of our ambassador program here!