Orientation 2017 - CYA Welcomes Spring Semester Students DSC 0674
01 Feb 2017

Orientation 2017 – CYA Welcomes Spring Semester Students

We greeted the New Year here at CYA with a flurry of activity! 2017 kicked off with our Pre-Semester Winter Excavation at Voula, 4 group visits, as well as the arrival of 83 excited students from across USA eager to begin their semester abroad in Greece!

Group Visits

Our first group visitors of the year came from Pacific Lutheran University, Austin College, University of Rochester and New York University. We hosted a series of activities including, exclusive lectures by CYA Faculty and guests, guided tours, museum and site visits, Greek dancing classes, as well as the popular Greek cooking lessons with Meni Tsilika our resident Cook.

Meni put her cooking skills on show and shared a few of her delicious classic Greek recipes for Παστιτσιο (hearty bechamel/pasta and meat bake) and Τυροπιτα (traditional cheese pie). See Photos: Greek Cooking Class at CYA!


Orientation week Spring Semester 2017

83 students from across the United States arrived in Athens, the city they will call home for the duration of their semester abroad! Orientation week was jam-packed with many CYA activities designed to introduce students to their academic life, their new environment & culture and initiate them into the joys of ‘Greek life’.



Events and activities included:

  • Taverna Dinner Welcome –  Welcome speech by Mr. Alexis Phylactopoulos, President of CYA and a night of delicious traditional Greek Food at a local Taverna.
  • Neighborhood Walks –  friendly, introductory walks through the residential neighborhood, led by members of CYA faculty and staff. This included shopping at the local ‘Laiki’.
  • Orientation Talks: Expert staff provided guidance and advice on essential topics such as, Acculturation and Living in Greece , Housing & Meals, Health & Safety, Study Travel, Library Services, Student Services, Academic Advising, Living in Athens & Extracurricular Activities.
  • Safety & Citizen Services – U.S. Embassy Officers welcomed students and spoke about safety issues and services available to U.S. citizens living in Greece.
  • Athens Metro and City Walks – And Coffee –  CYA staff members took students on a trip using the metro, to explore the city, learn some of its history, and enjoy a cup of coffee in true Greek fashion.
  • Greek Night –  CYA staff members and dance instructors from the famous Lyceum Ellinidon Traditional Dance Group joined students for a night of fun and Greek dancing.

See full Orientation photo albums here: Exploration, Rain, Smiles and Lots of Greek Food Orientation Day 1 and Fruit Coffee Strolls and Dance Orientation Week part 2