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05 Feb 2017

New Student Bloggers Join CYA Media Lab Team

Our Spring Semester 2017  Media Lab Interns are here!

Follow their blogs as they share their stories, challenges, feats and unique day-to-day experiences, while immersing us in their authentic CYA experience of academia and life studying abroad in Greece.

Meet the Team

Lauren BuppNew Student Bloggers Join CYA Media Lab Team lauren alt

Lauren is a Public Relations major at Susquehanna University. She loves going on adventures and learning the history behind new places as well as staying in and watching movies, playing basketball or hitting the golf course on a nice day. What excites Lauren most about being in Greece is getting to visit the places spoken about in myths and being able to share her experiences with everyone!


New Student Bloggers Join CYA Media Lab Team emly altt

Emily Creighton

Emily is a junior at the George Washington University studying Political Communication. She loves all things politics, Netflix, and field hockey. Emily is excited to spend this semester in Greece and hopes gain a deeper understanding of Greek culture through this internship.Emily Creighton

New Student Bloggers Join CYA Media Lab Team georgie altGeorgie Hempstead

Georgie is from New Jersey and is studying Classics and Psychology at  Fordham University in New York City.  Georgiana loves exploring and going on adventures equally as much as she loves staying in & watching movies with her dog! Georgie is excited about her internship,  she hopes to capture unique moments and share them so that readers can experience Athens with us while studying in Greece.

New Student Bloggers Join CYA Media Lab Team alt alyssaAlyssa Mendez

Alyssa is studying Anthropology & Hellenic Studies at Columbia University in the City of New York. She loves walking the busy Athenian city streets and sipping fresh orange juice.



Make sure to keep up with their stories and they learn, grow and becomes citizens of the world!