05 Jan 2018

The Greek Stones Speak: Greek Epigraphy with Professor Pitt

Fall Semester 2017 saw CYA running a new Classics course The Greek Stones Speak: An Introduction to Greek Epigraphy, taught by prof. Robert K. Pitt, combining tours of inscriptions on sites and in museums around Athens with a series of classes on how inscribed texts can illuminate all areas of the Ancient World, including Greek dialects and early scripts, graffiti and magic, language formulae in state decrees and royal letters, and the interactions of Greek with other languages.

The strong practical element of this course invites students’ to analyze texts inscribed on stone and other materials to gain insights into antiquity that the literary sources cannot, bringing them closer to the ordinary individuals who composed, carved and read them.

Here’s what the class got up to observing and working with inscriptions on sites and in museums

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This outstanding course guides students through the skills needed to read and interpret both the stones themselves as well as demystifying their publications, opening up a wealth of historical, linguistic, and archaeological material.

Find out more here: The Greek Stones Speak: An Introduction to Greek Epigraphy