Destiny Reyes, CYA ’16
Class Agents , Rollins College
Email: [email protected]
CYA Class Agent Year/Program :2016
College Attended:Rollins College
Major:Philosophy, English

During my study abroad experience, I realized how incredibly important travel is in becoming a well-rounded person. For me to begin to understand Greek culture, spending months with Greek people and learning about the historical and political moments in history that had shaped Greece was essential.

What is your favorite memory of the city of Athens?
All of the welcoming, kind Athenians I met while there. I loved going to Kekko's café across the street every day for a frappe, and knowing that he would always ask about my day and offer a taste of his newest (always incredible) baked treat. Going to the 'laiki' open market on Friday afternoons and practicing Greek, hearing the sellers respond with "Μπράβο" (bravo) and "ωραία" (great) to my broken Greek. I loved everything about Athens--but the people are what made my experience so incredibly special.

Would you like to share a special memory with us?
One of my favorite class trips was to Thessaloniki--it was memorable in more ways than one. I remember walking by the sea with my friends, gazing at the public art displays, spotting umbrellas suspended in the air and having a picnic in the afternoon nearby hundreds of others doing the same, soaking in the bright sunshine. In the evening we went shopping, and I bought what is still today my favorite dress; each time I wear it I'm reminded of Greece and feel a little like my second home in that way. We dined at a beautiful restaurant by the sea that night, and got to know each other better, bonding over our time in Greece and the amazing food we shared.

Miss Destiny Reyes, what is your favorite memory from your time studying abroad with CYA?
I have so many--more than I could possibly recount here. But one would definitely be visiting the Greek Parliament with Professor Gandolfo, and later going to his home as a class for dinner. It was an incredible bonding experience for our class and helped us learn about the politics of the country in a hands-on way.

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