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21 Jul 2017

Hello from CYA ’06 &’16

We always love hearing back from our alumni, whether it be postcards, emails, photos and even visits! Nadia Melinioti our Executive Director of Student Affairs received a lovely message from CYA Alumna Sophie Herreid (Spring ’16) and we’re pleased to share her story with you!

By Sophie Herreid (CYA Spring ’16)

Hello from Washington, DC! I just moved this week from Rhode Island to D.C. because I have a summer job teaching at a summer tech camp for kids at George Washington University.
Today I was walking around my new neighborhood (a beautiful rainy day with lots of flowers), and I met Meghan (Gentry) Jackson, who went to CYA exactly 10 years before me. We’ve never met before but she recognized the CYA t-shirt as we passed on the sidewalk and we immediately reminisced about how much we miss Greece, and you!

And as luck would have it, I had been planning to Skype my dear CYA friends Thomas Karam and Lilly Riveron as soon as I got home- I took a screenshot of the three of us to send to you as well! All three of us are well, and are teaching in some manner. Thomas is teaching English at a summer school and looking forward to teaching at another school in the fall as part of his Masters in Education program; Lilly is soon moving to San Francisco to work at LinkedIn and has been giving private ballet lessons on the side; and I am looking forward to starting my job next week, teaching Robotics, Electronics, and one week of computer programming for girls.
Lots and lots of love!!!
Sophie, Meghan, Lilly, and Thomas
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CYA Alumni, if you’d like to share your stories on our blog or the OWL we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at [email protected].