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27 Jun 2019

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece

While Athens is a very accessible city, it is always helpful to have apps on your phone to guide you through the winding roads. Whether this is your first time in Greece or your thirtieth, apps make everyone’s lives easier. Below is a list of our 16 favorite applications that you can download right onto your phone. All of these apps are free on the app store and do not require in-app purchases. Most of these apps are not limited to Athens, but can be used in other parts of the county and beyond. Note: Many of these apps do require the user to have data while in Greece. CYA can recommend students to phone companies that offer pre-paid sim cards for students to purchase while in Greece.

#1: Google Maps | Maps & Directions

Google Maps Logo

Whether you’re one to venture off onto some unmarked path or one who sticks to the road, you are bound to get lost at least once. An app you likely already have on your phone, Google Maps, can lead you to your next destination, whether by foot, car, or train. If you don’t have data or if you think your data will be spotty, learn how to download the maps offline. Offline maps will help you know where you are going and for those who may be a bit directionally challenged, they come to save the day. Another helpful tip for Google Maps is marking your apartment and the CYA Academic Center as favorites on your phone so you don’t have to type out the full address every time, rather type in “Apartment” or “CYA” and your phone will show you the best way to get there.

Available: Apple, Android

#2: Beat | Taxi App

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece BeatThis next app is basically Uber, but with taxis. Uber and Lyft are not used in Greece, but if Apps were related they would probably be close cousins. Beat allows you to put in both your pick-up and drop-off locations and call a taxi to your location right from your phone. Beat is also great because drivers are given ratings so you can ensure that your driver is great before they even get to you, and if you don’t like the one you have, you can cancel free of charge. However, rest assured taxi drivers in Greece are all friendly and helpful. If you want to know about how much your taxi will cost, an estimated price will be given to you upon requesting the ride. Remember to check that the driver has started the meter as sometimes they try and have tourists pay a flat rate that is more than the ride would cost on the meter. Beat can be connected to your credit card, however, not all taxis take card and cash is the preferred method of payment.

Available: Apple, Android

#3: OASA Telematics | Getting Around by Bus

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece OASAIf you plan on taking public transportation while in Athens, the OASA Telematics app is great for finding which bus line to hop on. This app uses your location to help direct you to the nearest station and from there which bus to get on and where to get off. The app updates with the current location of the bus and provides an estimated arrival time to your stop. Pro-tip: You must purchase tickets for the bus before getting on. You can do this in any metro station or some kiosks also sell bus tickets.

Available: Apple, Android

#4 Athens Subway | Getting Around on the Subway

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece athens subwayWithout a doubt you will take the subway while you’re in Athens. We suggest downloading the Athens Subway App which is a simple app providing its users with a map of the Athens subway system. While the subway is easy to use, remembering which way to go on the line can be tricky, so having an app to show you which line to get onto is always helpful. Remember that the subways are labeled with the last stop on that line and in order to get where you need to be, a transfer of lines may be necessary. The closest stops to the CYA Academic center are Syntagma (Red M2 and Blue M3 Lines) and Evangelisimos (Blue M3 Line) Stations.

Available: Apple, Android users can find a similar app called Athens Metro Map

#5: Moovit | Getting Directions

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece moovitAnother great app to use when looking for directions around Athens is the Moovit App. This app allows users to input home and work addresses and can be used to get directions between locations, not limited to home and work. It shows bus stops, train stations, and more! Whether you need to get down the street or across town this app is very helpful. Note: While they do give arrival times, these are estimated and buses and trains do not always come when the app says they should.

Available: Apple, Android

#6: ATH Airport | Flights & More

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece ATHUpon arrival in Athens, you will likely find yourself in the Athens Eleftherios International Airport. Downloading the ATH Airport app can make your airport experience run very smoothly. This app provides information not only about flights and airport services, but it also has sections about transportation, shopping, and even the weather. Be sure to download this app before arriving in Athens and when you get into the airport and connect to wifi, open this app and learn everything you need to know before departing from the airport!

Available: Apple, Android

#7: Google Translate | Communicating with the Locals

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece Google Translate logo.svgTraveling to a new country can be daunting if you don’t know the language. But don’t let that scare you away as many apps are there to help you with the language barrier. Google Translate is a great app to have on your phone as you can download a language and use it offline. New features on Google Translate include the camera, handwriting, conversation, and voice features. The camera feature allows you to align your phone up to a text and it will provide a rough translation from Greek to English. If you simply have a photo and want to know what a text says, you can use an existing image and highlight the words you wish to translate. The handwriting tool allows you to draw in the letters as if on paper and the conversation and voice features allow translate using words spoken into the microphone of your device.

Available: Apple, Android

#8 AthensBook | Get to Know what’s around

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece athensbook e1561564817304For your basic needs AthensBook can guide you in the right direction. This app uses your location to tell you where the nearest pharmacy, ATM, pastry shop, or restaurant is located. While it is not a list of every shop, market, or restaurant it gives a general idea of what is nearby. Couple this app with others on this list and you are in a great position to have an amazing experience. This app also shows traffic, the subway, and even lists nearby taxi stands if you can’t access Beat.

Available: Apple, Android

#9 Wiffinity | Get Connected

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece Wiffinity 1If you don’t have data and you are running on the occasional wifi connection, the Wiffinity app can be useful for finding wifi passwords near where you’re located. The app allows you to download a map offline and access the passwords at any time. When in doubt Wiffinity is available to help you stay connected.

Available: Apple, Android

#10 | Reserve a Table

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece e tableSometimes it is helpful to reserve a table on the weekend. E-table is an app to do just that. You can have it show places near your location or see if they partner with a specific restaurant. When choosing a restaurant, the app can show the menu, its location, an average price, special discounts and more! The app itself is in English, but the reviews are in Greek so I suggest coupling this app with a quick google search or TripAdvisor.

Available: Apple, Android

#11 e-food | Food Delivery

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece e foodDon’t feel like getting out of bed on a Saturday morning? E-food will deliver right to your door. With many options ranging from coffee to souvlaki and more, e-food is great for food delivery. E-foods partners with popular restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops across the city, ensuring that you can find something for any budget.  The app will show you the minimum purchase necessary, an estimate of the time it will take, and many restaurants have great photos and description of the foods! The best part you ask? No delivery fee! You can pay by credit card, but don’t forget to tip 😉

Available: Apple, Android

#12 Wolt | Get it Delivered to your Home

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece WoltSimilar to e-food, Wolt (pronounced Volt) is ‘the new kid in town.’ This food delivery app is user friendly and allows you to choose by restaurant or by food type, so whether you want your favorite coffee shop down the street or a bowl of soup from a new restaurant in the next neighborhood over, Wolt can help. Like e-food, a minimum purchase is necessary and provides an estimated time for delivery, but some limit the distance they travel.

Available: Apple, Android

#13 WhatsApp | Stay Connected

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece whatsappNo one wants to feel disconnected while away, thankfully there’s an app for that! An app you likely already have, but we cannot exclude from this list is WhatsApp. This app is great for messaging as you can text and call internationally for free! For those who get an international number, you can keep your US phone number and have your friends from home contact you via WhatsApp. This app also allows its users to form groups, so it’s great for study groups, trip planning, and roommate conversations.

Available: Apple, Android

#14 XE Currency | Currency Conversion

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece xeOh no! What’s the exchange rate? How much is this in USD? XE Currency allows user to favorite several currencies and you can then see what the conversion is either from USD or Euro. If you’re traveling to places with other currencies, you can also favorite those and compare.

Available: Apple, Android

#15 Mobile Passport | Breeze through Customs

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece mobile passportWhen the trip is over and you’re on your flight back home, there’s one last step to your study abroad journey: US Customs. The Mobile Passport App is an app for US Citizens that allows users to skip many of the lines in customs by completing the forms upon touchdown into the US. This app has users submit their passport information and declaration electronically and then breeze through the inspection area. Note: You can only complete the form upon landing as the receipt is only valid for 4 hours. Mobile Passport is currently only available at 26 major airports across the US, so check to see if your arrival airport allows for Mobile Passport.

Available: Apple, Android

#16 TripAdvisor | Where to Go & What to Do

Best Apps to Download when Traveling to Athens, Greece TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is your one stop shop for all things food, drinks, and entertainment.  Use this app to see reviews of restaurants, check and see what is nearby, and read posts from past travelers on their experiences in the city. TripAdvisor goes so far to provide Certificates of Excellence to restaurants it finds worthy of mention.  You can find these restaurants on the map or there will typically be a sticker in the door showing its accomplishment as a top restaurant. TripAdvisor can also recommend activities and tours to add to your Athens experience.

Available: Apple, Android