Class of Fall '18 introduced to the CYA experience cover photo
21 Sep 2018

Class of Fall ’18 introduced to the CYA experience

CYA welcomed 106 students from 53 universities across the U.S. for Fall ‘18 semester, with a week-long orientation program full of engaging activities.

During his welcoming remarks CYA President Alexis Phylactopoulos, urged students to become engaged. “Put your fears behind and go out, force yourself to explore the unfamiliar. Try to make contact with local people… follow the local news, travel, experience Athens, get lost, take the public transport, visit places other than the tourist destinations”, he said. “Your destination is not only to finish the semester with good grades but to grow personally and to become more rounded individuals, more independent and self-reliant”.

Some of the highlights of the CYA Fall ‘18 orientation week:


The orientation week included a wide variety of informative sessions where students had the opportunity to learn about the academics, the workshops, the library resources, and most importantly about how to live safely in a city of 4 million people.

Activities: Neighborhood Walk, Taverna Dinner & Garden Party

Orientation activities introduced students to life in Athens and helped them get to know each other, as well as CYA staff and faculty members.

A taverna dinner on the second day was a great opportunity for everyone to taste traditional Greek dishes, socialize and enjoy themselves. Professors, students and staff, all sat together and engaged in lively conversation while passing plates of food around the table, the Greek way.

Earlier that day, small groups of students were formed for a friendly orientation walk through the Pangrati area, led by members of CYA staff. Students discovered their new bustling neighborhood and all it has to offer within walking distance from the Academic Center.

On Wednesday evening, Mr. Phylactopoulos and his wife Mariella hosted students, faculty and staff for a Garden party at their home in the northern suburb of Kifissia. Students were thrilled to enjoy an evening of Greek hospitality, while taking advantage of the beautiful setting to get to know each other before classes begin.

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Trip to Delphi

The week ended with the signature event of the orientation program: the academic field trip to Delphi! Led by CYA faculty, the educational visits to Osios Loukas Monastery, the archaeological site of Delphi and its unique museum were truly exciting for the new students. Their first CYA field trip transported them to “the center of the world”, an academic experience they will never forget.

The evening was dedicated to fun, bonding activities, and games such as tavli (Greek version of backgammon) and other Greek pastimes, theatrical improvisations, sports and many more.

The picturesque town of Arachova, located on the west side of Mt Parnassus, was the last stop of this memorable trip. CYAers strolled around the village’s cobblestone streets, admired the panoramic view and enjoyed local delicacies before returning to Athens, eager to begin their first week of classes.

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