Creating Holiday Cheer: Winter Craft Day! IMG 4279
01 Dec 2020

Creating Holiday Cheer: Winter Craft Day!

Nothing says holiday cheer quite like arts and crafts! Although Athens has been in the middle of an extended lockdown prohibiting out-of-city travel, students got together to relieve stress and spread holiday spirit over one weekend.

At the beginning of lockdown, I reached out to fellow CYA Student Affairs Advisor Jennifer Holland with a few ideas on how to make the most of our situation. One of these ideas was a craft day – because who doesn’t like channeling their inner 11-year old, right?

Before we knew it, there were stacks upon stacks of art supplies ready for the students to dig into. From our own sketchbooks, paintbrushes and pastels to glitter glue and markers, CYA provided everything we needed to make some holiday-themed decorations for our apartments.

Some of us created snowflakes and evergreen forests, others painted mini ceramic theater masks. We even got creative and painted other things – gourds, laptop cases, and more!

Creating Holiday Cheer: Winter Craft Day! IMG 4280

Snowflakes and Christmas trees by students

No matter the vision of the artist, the theme remains the same: this holiday season is one to be grateful for all we have, and count each blessing.

Like the glue we used to make ornaments, we really must stick together this season.

Happy Holidays from ours to yours!

Creating Holiday Cheer: Winter Craft Day! IMG 4281

Poinsettia painted on gourd by Theo Karplus