Back to the Bronze Age! Summer Fresco & Metals Workshops at CYA DSC 0751
27 Jul 2017

Back to the Bronze Age! Summer Fresco & Metals Workshops at CYA

Learning about Bronze Age Art doesn’t get any more hands-on than this!

See how Prof. Papadopoulos’ class,  MS347 When Egypt meets the Aegean: Interconnections in the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean  got in touch with their creative side during these exciting summer session II workshops.

Fresco Workshop

Students had the extremely rare opportunity to go behind the scenes and get hands-on in the Fresco Workshop led by expert conservator Panos Angelidis and artist Nikos Sepetzoglou.  Channeling the spirit of the Minoans, students got out their spatulas and plaster and started by making their own fresco-ready “wall”. Next, students put their fresco-design skills to the test, armed with paint, brushes and their imagination resulting in their very own original fresco.

Take a look at these snapshots from the workshop!

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“As a student myself, I was fascinated by the magnificent mural paintings found at the site of Akrotiri on Thera (a town of the 17th c. BCE that was covered by the volcanic material during a major eruption) to the extent that this is the reason why I became a pre historic archaeologist. Several years later, here at CYA, together with colleagues and collaborators, I am teaching the fresco technique to students.” Prof. Angelos Papadopoulos

Metallurgy Workshop

Traditional Craftsman and Artist, Akis Goumas armed with his impressive spread of traditional tools and devices, including leather, wax, metal, and fire, transported students back in time to learn the age-old techniques and methods of crafting metal art as the Myceneans did.  Students eagerly rolled up their sleeves and let their creativity pour out of them producing their own Mycenean inspired metal designs. Overflowing with inspiration, students also used their left-over wax to create a quirky set of wax figurines which now adorn our display shelf at the Academic Centre. Take a look!

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Check out the Fresco Workshop in Action!