25 Jun 2018

Watch this CYAer’s stunning video of his summer course experience

As another summer session comes to an end, CYA student Luke Alberts shares with us a captivating video of his class’ experience of studying in Greece.

The Geography of Faith introduces students to the religious, social and political life of the Greek city from classical times through the Roman period.  Having gained understanding of the Greek city, the class then studies the work and thinking of St. Paul and the impact the emergence of Christianity had on the Greco-Roman world.

Traveling was a key component of this program taught by professor Cameron Afzal; students visited some of the major cities where Paul worked and taught: Philippi, Thessalonica and Corinth. They also visited two major centers of Greek religious life in the first century: Eleusis and Delphi.

In the meantime, CYAers managed to fit in some extra-curricular activities: from watching a beach volley tournament, to mountain hiking and admiring the world’s most beautiful sunset.

Take a look at the stunning video created by Luke Alberts – thank you very much Luke for capturing the beauty of the CYA experience!