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29 May 2017

Where have CYA Students been?

One of the great aspects of studying abroad in Europe is the sheer proximity to other countries. This year, some CYA students took this advantage and explored the globe with their friends.

These places included Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Czech- Republic, England, France, and even Turkey and Egypt. Not only do these countries enhance cultural literacy but many have long histories with Greece that students were able to experience first-hand. Keep reading to see what they have to say:



During my semester at CYA I have traveled quite a bit. Out of all the different countries I’ve been too I would have to say Belgium was one of my favorites. My friends and I stayed in Brussels, which was a city full of amazing architecture and culture. We then traveled to Bruges, which was a cute little town filled with even more beauty. Another thing I loved about Belgium was, of course, the food. Belgium is known for their famous waffles and fries and I definitely had my fair share! Not only was Belgium a country with beautiful sites and delicious food, but it was full of history. During our stay, I went to museums, walking tours, and even visited a few breweries. Belgium was most definitely one of my favorite places I have gone to simply because it was easy to get around and entertain ourselves without being rushed in the short time of a weekend. It also allowed me to fully emerge in the culture of a new country without feeling too out of place. The people were friendly and there wasn’t a second I wasn’t having an amazing time. I cannot wait to go back one day!




Budapest was such an amazing city to visit. Here’s a fun fact for you: Buda and Pest are actually two separate cities separated by the Danube River (and Buda doesn’t like tourists very much). But three days was simply not enough time to explore either city. One of my favorite parts of visiting Budapest was exploring the House of Terror museum. It showcased the propaganda during the fascist and communist regimes. When you think about Nazi occupation, Budapest doesn’t really come to mind, but I saw a whole other side to the city. Apart from the history, Budapest is just cool to look at it- the parliament building is one of the most impressive government buildings I’ve ever seen and the Buda Castle is awe inspiring (especially when it’s lit up at night).

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I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Dublin, Ireland the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day. Despite the heightened tourism, the city was absolutely incredible. I left a piece of my heart there and plan to return someday.If you can’t tell from my pale skin and rosy cheeks, I come from Irish heritage. I remember shamrock decorations and pictures of roaring hills scattered throughout my grandma’s house. I remember a lamb stuffed animal from my childhood singing “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.” Therefore, I was so excited to be able to travel to my homeland.The sun decided to shine through during my trip to the Cliffs of Moher. I immediately smiled and counted my blessings at my luck (of the Irish). All my research prior said the Cliffs weren’t worth the time if the forecast was cloudy. But nothing  in my research prepared me for those cliffs. The sheer massive cliffs overlooked water bluer than I could ever imagine and the grass was greener than the pictures.This experience was honestly one of my favorite life moments. My dad told me that the Cliffs of Moher was my grandpa’s favorite spot in the world. I think it is mine as well.




Standing at the top of St. Peter’s overlooking Rome was one of the most breathtaking experiences I had abroad. For one of the first times in my life, I was actually speechless. Seeing the expanse of one of the greatest cities in the world and the history of one of the greatest empires in the world really isn’t something I can put into words. I fell in love with Rome’s history, beauty, and (of course) food. It is one of the few cities I think I could return to again and again and still be enchanted every time. As Lizzie McGuire would say, Rome is “what dreams are made of.”




As a Classics major, I made it a priority to get to Istanbul during my semester abroad. Little did I realize, antiquities make up such a small fraction of what the city has to offer. Aside from the obvious gems like Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sofia, the gorgeous Topkapi Palace, seat of theOttoman Empire for four centuries, was a major highlight.