May 2019

Exploring the Orthodox Church

Attending service at Agios Spyridon Church at Pangrati, visiting the Byzantine museum, meeting a nun at the 11th century Ag. Ioannis Theologos


Nov 2017

Crossing Paths at CYA

Seven years ago Deacon Bartholomew (Michael) Mercado was in the middle of completing his BA in Religious Studies at Hellenic College of the


Apr 2017

I Became a Nun for a Day

Just kidding! The above did not actually happen. No technology, fasting, constant prayer, solidarity, and did I mention no technology?!


Dec 2010

Mt. Athos Reflections

[Deacon Bartholomew (Michael Mercado CYA ’10), recently visited us at CYA while in Athens doing research for his Ph.D. We wanted to