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10 Aug 2017

Modern Ways of Learning Ancient Languages

Beginning Ancient Greek at CYA offers students a unique opportunity to learn the language in action. With a set of new, creative and refreshing additions, the course stands to be a highlight this upcoming fall semester!

Ancient Greek the CYA way

To enhance and enrich the process of language learning and make the study of ancient Greek a vigorous experience, the language classroom will open its doors to the outdoors. The course will include visits to ancient sites (such as the Theater of Dionysus or the Odeon of Herod Atticus in Athens) and museums (e.g. the Epigraphical Museum, the Numismatic Museum, the National Archaeological Museum).

Rich Resources & Materials

New course instructor, Prof. Eleni Fassa promises to add her own unique flair to the course. This semester she’ll be introducing specially developed interactive quizzes, puzzles and language games to boost students’ language skills, and to challenge and engage them in the wonders of learning Ancient Greek!Modern Ways of Learning Ancient Languages ancient greek c1o1Another innovative element of Ancient Greek at CYA is the access to materials that extend beyond literary sources, including short inscriptions carved in a variety of media (e.g. stone, ostraca, vases) and simple texts written on coins and papyri to enhance memorizing and understanding of this demanding, but also fascinating language.

Main Photo: Wax diptycha or tablet, forming a schoolboy’s Greek exercise book. The tablet contains two lines, the first line, and possibly the second, are from the poet Menander. 2nd century. (British Library)

Stay tuned for more on Ancient Greek studies throughout the semester!