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20 Jun 2017

Experience Classical & Modern Languages and Literature at CYA

Greece will transform the way you look at languages! Try your hand at learning Modern Greek – order a coffee at a Greek taverna and chat with new local friends. Or, discover how it all started by studying Ancient Greek and Latin, then visit the ancient theater of Dionysus and read the ancient names carved in the seats. Language learning not your thing, but you still love classical literature? Perform an Aristophanes comedy in translation or follow the footsteps of Thucydides over a battlefield in Athens! Studying languages and literature in Greece is sure to enhance your understanding and experience of the country, wherever you go.


C101      Beginning Ancient Greek I
C102      Ancient Greek (2nd Semester)
C201      Ancient Greek: Attic Prose
C202      Ancient Greek: Homer
C211      Intermediate Latin I
C212      Intermediate Latin II
C305      Ancient Greek: Thucydides
C306      Ancient Greek: Attic Poetry
C311      Advanced Latin I
C312      Advanced Latin II
C350      The Greek Stones Speak: An Introduction to Greek Epigraphy
Modern Greek

M101     Modern Greek I
M101A  Modern Greek Accelerated  (for students with a background in ancient Greek)
M102     Modern Greek Beginners II
M201     Modern Greek Intermediate I
M202     Modern Greek Intermediate II
M301     Modern Greek Advanced I
Μ302     Modern Greek Advanced II
Literature (Coming Soon!)
L351       Attic Tragedy (In Translation)

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