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20 Jun 2017

Experience Contemporary Studies at CYA

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Contemporary studies help to increase your awareness and perception of global events, like migration, by experiencing another world view! By studying contemporary European issues in Greece, you will begin to understand the “humanistic side” of the economic and social impact of the Eurozone crisis. Your studies don’t have to be limited to the physical world, either – by mediating traditional and digital media in Greece, you can explore the political role and use of social media in contemporary issues.


A/E373  Modern Athens: Space, Art, and Urban Cultures
E/S357  Solidarity, Social Movements, and the Fight for
Justice and Change in Greece: A Service Learning Approach
E333       The Culture of Modern Greece: The Ethnography of a Society in Transition
E356       Gender and Sexuality in Modern Greek Culture
Co346    Mediating the Message: Social Media and People (in Greece)
S/Ec/326     Crisis and Recovery in Greece and Europe
H/S339  Contemporary Greek Politics and Society: Historical Perspectives on Change and Continuity
H365      Who is a Greek? Politics of Identity in Modern Greece
H366      The Greek Jews: History, Identity & Memory
H385      Is this the center of the world? Modern Greece:
From Revolutionary Visions to the European Crisis
S348       Immigrants, Citizenship and Nationalism in Europe
S361       Peace, Conflict and International Politics: Lessons from the Mediterranean Region
S363       The European Union: Challenges and Strategic Choices
S373       Perspectives on Peace and Conflict: Lessons from
Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean
S384       The European Governance of Migration: Reflections on Emerging Responses

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