20 Jun 2017

Experience Environmental, Urbanism & Sustainability Studies at CYA

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Athens is the perfect “living laboratory” to study urbanism and sustainability issues! By walking through its millennia-old streets bordered by buildings both ancient and modern, you can explore and appreciate the importance of urban design and its long lasting effect on a city’s future. As a country rich with natural settings from the rocky slopes of Mt. Parnassus to the sparkling waters of the Aegean, Greece also has plenty of opportunities for studying environmental studies, including the complete role that climate, geology, species ecosystems, resources, and policy play in our environment.


G350      The Natural Environment of Greece: From Landscape Ecology to Conservation
U/G370 Urban Sustainability: Theory and Case Studies in Greece
U371      Contemporary Urbanism: 10 Narratives of Design and Change in Athens
U372      Urban Design Studio (Coming Soon!)

Related Courses

A/E373  Modern Athens: Space, Art, and Urban Cultures
E333       The Culture of Modern Greece: The Ethnography of a Society in Transition
A361      The Topography and Monuments of Athens
A366      Ancient Greek Architecture from the Archaic to the Roman Times as Reflected in the Monuments of Athens

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