tassos tanoulas cya student essays book
08 Dec 2016

Student Essays eBook

 By Dr. Tassos Tanoulas

A366  Ancient Greek Architecture from the Archaic to the Roman Times as Reflected in the Monuments of Athens

I thought of asking students to write an essay on classical architecture before midterm. The topic would be free, the important thing would be the students to be interested in the topic they would choose to deal with. These essays allowed me to see through their personality, background and potential of each student. And they have been very helpful for tailoring accordingly my teaching in the second part of the semester. It seems that this system worked in some ways and I am happy to say that I have had the pleasure of seeing a number of my CYA students following relevant career paths , in the end.

A366 -Tassos Tanoulas Student essays Booklet CYA

A366 -Tassos Tanoulas Student Essays Booklet

I will present a short introduction to each of the essays, in order to bring out what makes it good on its own, and in comparison to the others. The presentation will follow the alphabetical order of the surnames of the authors. The educational background of each author will be shown, because it is interesting to see if and how it relates with the contents of the essays.

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