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20 Oct 2017

CYA on the Road!

Over the past couple of months, CYA has been on the road visiting more than 85 Colleges and Study Abroad Fairs across the U.S to spread the word about the powerful advantages of studying abroad in Greece.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Study Abroad Advisors and schools that hosted us throughout the season of fairs. Thank you to our Campus Representatives, Alumni Ambassadors, and U.S. staff for all their fantastic work in carrying on the CYA legacy for future students.

Thank-you to our Campus Relations Representatives: Angelica Sisson (FA ‘15) and Katy Nave (SP ‘15) – Alum Representatives: Kelly (Collins) Latchana (FA ‘97), Delton Henderson (SP ‘92), Justin Kalinay (FA ‘10), Mily Gonzalez (FA ‘16) – Alum Ambassadors: Reeta Bandyopadhyay (SU ‘17)Andrew Forsyth (SU ’17)Noa Gelb (SP ‘17)Kiki Lewis (SP ‘17)Gage Ulery (SU ‘17)Alice Doyle (SP ‘17)Claire Stickler (FA ‘16)Angela Boschetti (SU ‘17) – and all the alums and Ambassadors who joined or visited our CYA reps at fairs throughout.

Here are a few comments from our Alumni Ambassadors and Representatives:

“Going to so many different colleges for CYA has allowed me to meet many wonderful students and help each find a way CYA could work for them. As an alum, it’s been a special experience to recount stories of my time in Athens, some of which I had forgotten until a student asked a question that jogged my memory.” — Angelica Sisson (FA ‘15)

“It has been a lot of fun to work for CYA!  Being a CYA Rep meant many wonderful interactions with, students, educators, and fellow travelers about the wonders of studying abroad and Greece in particular. Encountering people with such energy for exploration and education was personally encouraging and exciting!” — Katy Nave (SP ‘15)

“Overall I had a great time. It was a beautiful day, and I got to spend the afternoon talking about my time abroad to people that were actually interested—some of my friends are getting a little sick of listening to my “I miss Greece” spiel, so it was nice to have an attentive audience.” – Alice Doyle (SP ‘17)

We would like to encourage more alums to get in touch with us and engage with CYA’s recruitment team. This is just one of the many ways you can give back to CYA.

For more information about alumni opportunities contact:
Erica Huffman (CYA ’93) Director of Alumni Relations || [email protected]

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